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     Thank you for visiting the motivational gifts survey, a free and anonymous online service. The motivational gifts survey is the first statistically validated gifts survey of its kind.

     Organizational leaders can use the results of this survey to better place employees and volunteers in ideal job settings that most fully use a person's gifts. In addition, the results of this survey will help every individual to understand his/her motivational gifts and how to best use those gifts, which will contribute to a sense of personal effectiveness and satisfaction.

     The gifts survey is automated and self scoring, so your data is completely anonymous. You will receive the most accurate and useful results if you think carefully about each item and read each response carefully. After you submit the form, you will immediately receive results. All individual responses and results remain strictly confidential.

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     The factor loadings show seven distinct factors on a principal component analysis using a Varimax rotation. There is no cross loading above 0.4. ©2001 and revised version 2005. Hard copy of gifts survey is not yet available for sale. For more information, contact us